Gina Bingo: Club 75 Ball Hall


Pick one number between 1 – 75. The first 4 players to get their number called and type “Woohoo” in chat win 50 Loyalty Points each. If you’re number is first ball out in game, your ‘Woohoo’ wins 100 Loyalty Points! – Spelling Counts –

Lucky Number

Players all pick a number, first 4 players number out get 50 Loyalty Points each! Players need to call when their lucky number appears.

Add em’up

Pick a number 0-9, if any number ending in that number is called in the first 5 numbers, you win 50 Loyalty Points per number called.

Over the Rainbow

Pick a colour of bingo ball, (Blue, Red, White, Green OR Yellow). The last number called determines the colour for each game. All chatters that chose that colour win 50 Loyalty Points.

Mirror Mirror

Be on the lookout for a set of mirrored numbers to be called, eg 12 & 21, 17 & 71, etc. The first 2 players to type ‘mm’ (with the mirrored numbers they see) in chat, win 50 Loyalty Points each! Eg: type ‘mm 12 21’ for 12 & 21. The CM may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!

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