At Gina Bingo we always aim to make our players happy and so we now offer the option of converting Loyalty Points into Bonuses!

Your Loyalty Points will add up quickly because you earn points for each pound you wager at Gina Bingo! The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you will have to convert.

Your Loyalty Points are updated on a daily basis! You can log into your account at anytime to check your points.


How do I earn Loyalty Points?
The amount of Loyalty Points you earn varies depending on how much cash you wager on each game. View complete breakdown here.

How do I know find out many points I have?
You can check how many points you have by logging into your Gina Bingo members account.

How often do my points get updated?
Your Points are updated every day.

Will my points be available for a limited time?
No! Your points will never expire!

How do I exchange my points for bonus bucks?
Log onto your account by clicking on Cashier and then on the Loyalty Points link. If you have accumulated at least 1000 points, you may convert your points into bonuses. Key in the number of Points that you would like to convert and click on the CONVERT NOW button.

The points you have converted will be displayed as bonus in your credits automatically.

How many points do I need to cash in to receive  bonus bucks?
The minimum amount of Loyalty Points needed to convert to bonus bucks is 1000. You will receive 10bb’s for every 1000 Loyalty Points that you convert.

How often can I cash in my Loyalty Points for bonus bucks?
You can cash in your points as often as you like! Keep in mind that you must have at least 1000 points to convert.

How long will it take to receive  bonus bucks?
When you have finished converting your points to bonus bucks, they will be immediately entered into your account and displayed as bonus in your credits.