Gina Bingo: Club 90 Ball Hall

Slug Bug

Watch the bingo board for the first double digit to be called (11, 22, 33, 44 etc). The first 4 players to type ‘Slug Bug’ in chat win 50 Loyalty points each! The CM may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!


Pick one B number (1-18) and two O numbers (73-90). When all of your numbers appear type “Boo”. First 4 players win 50 Loyalty Points each.


Select a number 1 – 90 and when a block of 6 is created including your number shout Block and the number, eg Block 33, First 4 to call win 50 Loyalty Points.

2 Fat Ladies

If the number ’88’ is called the first 4 players to type ‘2 Fat Ladies’ win 50 Loyalty Points.

Pop the Balloon

Players choose a number between 1 and 90; this number is their ‘balloon’. When their number gets called their ‘balloon’ is ‘popped’. The first 4 players to still have a balloon flying at the end of the game and type ‘POP’ in chat win 50 Loyalty Points.

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